Sending Test Emails

Sending test emails

Assuming you've set up the Devtools and an onSend function for your template, you can easily send test emails. However, you might notice local images aren't appearing in the emails.

During local development, the images aren't yet hosted anywhere, so references to local files won't work for remote readers. To fix this, we can use ngrok to tunnel through to our local environment so our local images appear in any test emails we might send.

1. Setup ngrok

brew install ngrok/ngrok/ngrok

You'll need to create a (free) account if you havent' already, and set up authentication:

ngrok config add-authtoken <token>

Then we can tunnel our local dev environment through ngrok:

2. Tunnel through ngrok

ngrok http 3000 # Assuming you're running on port 3000

While ngrok is tunneling it should show us a URL that represents our forwarded port. Something like.

Forwarding -> http://localhost:3000
...				 ^ Copy this URL

3. Set Brail baseUrl

We should also set our image urls to use the baseUrl produced in the ngrok output.

<Email baseUrl={urlFromNgrok}>
	{/* ...*/}

Done. Your images will now work in test emails.