What's included?

What's included in Brail?

Like React, which Brail is built using, Brail is not a framework. This means you will need to BYO framework like NextJS. Luckily Brail provides a NextJS starter kit to get you up and running quickly.

The Brail toolkit provides the following tools:

  • UI Library: Created in React, this package is a spiritual successor to MJML. Intended to provide ergonomic email templating DX without compromising on email-compliance across common email clients. This package was handwritten from the ground up, informed by years of experience handwriting HTML for email.
  • Linter: Given the nuances of HTML email templating, linting error-prone code is handy especially when you want to “off-road” from the happy path the UI library provides.
  • API and SDK generation: When generating and sending HTML emails, it’s easy to provide the wrong data or reference a non-existent template. With the API and SDK generators Brail provides you can trivially serve an end-to-end type-safe API or directly generate and send dynamic emails from your backend.
  • Devtools: To enhance the development experience, dev tools are provided to further ease email development, including and interface for sending test emails or inspecting generated HTML. (The UI library is also fully compatible with React devtools.)