Crafting templates

Crafting templates

Making it easy and fun to create email templates is a big part of what makes Brail great.

  • The HTML Email Primer gives a crash course on how HTML email ticks. While not strictly necessary, it can help to understand how some of the design decisions for Brail were made.

  • Under Email Templates, you'll get a better look at how to use the Brail components effectively and which components exist.

  • When you're ready to jazz things up, Theming describes how to use Brail themes to deliver consistent emails and make sweeping changes trivially.

  • Building templates is fine, but with the Brail Devtools, sending test emails and previewing templates across viewports is a breeze.

  • Read the Linting section to learn about ensuring your templates are always up to scratch, especially when going off-piste.

  • What about images and files? See static files